Learn Danish online via Skype!

Effective one-on-one Danish lessons

Learn Danish online!

If you want to learn Danish online in a fun and effective way, this is the solution for you!

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How does it work?

You will meet with your native Danish teacher on Skype at a time that fits into your calendar.

Every lesson has a duration of 50 minutes (except for trial lessons).

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How do I start?

Start by booking a trial lesson at a time and date that fits you. You can check availability and prices in the calendar here.

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Learn Danish online
There are a lot of possibilities available for you who want to learn Danish online. On the Internet you can find web sites with text examples, videos and training courses – and some of them are even free.

Additionally there are a few apps available for your smartphone that can get you started with this fun an interesting language. And most of these also give you the possibility to listen in, so you get an idea of how the pronunciation sounds like.But you sort of get stuck, when it comes to the actual speaking. The typical challenge with the Danish language – whether you learn it offline or you learn Danish online – is the pronunciation. The only way to learn this is to actually speak the language and get corrected by a native Danish speaker.

Should you learn Danish online or offline?
Having this in mind your target should be to find a teacher that is a native Danish speaker. If you aren’t living in Denmark, this can be an even bigger challenge than learning actual language! And IF you are so lucky as to find this person, he or she might not be living in your neighborhood.

If you choose to learn Danish online via SpeakAndLearn.dk all these challenges are solved! You just need an Internet connection and a device with Skype installed – computer, tablet or smartphone – and you are ready to start!

You will have your own native Danish speaker, who is living in Denmark and he will be teaching you the Danish language as it is spoken every day in Denmark by Danes!

Here on the web site you can book lessons when it suits you. You can book individual lessons or select a package and get a discount. And you don’t need to be at a particular spot, when you are doing the training. Whether you are at home, at your work, on business travel or holiday doesn’t matter.

You can start to learn Danish online right now – check the calendar for a time that suits you and book a trial lesson to get you started!