Semi-private Danish lessons via Google Meet!

How does semi-private lessons work?

Every lesson has a duration of 50 minutes.

In semi-private lessons you and your partner/friend/collegue will meet with your teacher on Google Meet. You can be in the same room on the same computer, or you can be in different locations.

You will of course both be talking and as part of the lessons we will also train dialogs between you two. Like always we will ajdust the content and level to suit your needs.

Benefits of two-on-one lessons include:

– You can train together subsequently to the lessons
– It is very motivating to have a training partner
– The price for each person per lesson is much lower than with one-on-one lessons

How do we book lessons?

One of you will book and pay for the lessons and you must plan for the lessons and settle payments between you two. We cannot assist in this process.

If one of you doesn’t show up to a lesson, it is purely a matter between you two. We will hold the lesson as planned whether there is one or two participants and we do not refund the payment or reschedule the lesson.

Check the calender for a time that suites you and book your lessons here!